urexter rs & laripur rs
High performance with significant reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the chain.

The two new biobased polyurethane product lines for the footwear industry are the result of careful developments aimed toward maximum sustainability. Both are formulated with a percentage of approximately 70% of raw materials from renewable sources.

Both UREXTER RS and LARIPUR RS can be processed on all conventional systems without the need for modifications, guaranteeing the same performance as traditional polyurethane and TPU systems and offering a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Thanks to the commitment to research of our technical department and our collaboration with qualified partners such as Vi&Vi, a leading company in luxury fashion soles, we are able to offer the footwear world a complete range of environmentally-friendly, high-performance and easy-to-use products.

LARIPUR RS Discover more about Laripur  

Thermoplastic polyurethanes mainly obtained from controlled supply chain plant cultivation products.
They can be supplied with a carbon content from renewable sources of over 70%.

UREXTER RS Discover more about Urexter  

Polyurethane systems for microcellular foams applied to the production of soles derived from responsibly managed crops.
They offer the market formulations with a raw material content from renewable sources of up to 70% without sacrificing the technical performance of traditional systems.