NOVACOTE® NE 810 S + CE 510
COIM introduces a new compostable food packaging adhesive

The new Novacote® NE 810 S + CE 510 is the result of the investment in research and development. The aim was to provide a flexible, compostable food packaging solution. This innovative product is in line with the need to provide environmentally-friendly solutions.

Used with certified compostable films, Novacote® NE 810 S + CE 510 allows for 100% compostable packaging. With this product, there’s no need to replace or modify production systems and component pairing.
Tests have confirmed the excellent performance of this product, which meets the requirements of an ever-growing market.


Novacote® NE 810 S + CE 510 compostable adhesive has obtained the following certifications:

  • OK compost INDUSTRIAL;
  • TÜV-Austria-Seedling;
  • BPI International.