Our mission

Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders and the entire community by giving the finest quality products and service available. We serve their needs with innovation, offering products and sophisticated technologies while at the same time respecting and preserving the environment.

Coim, a company with a long tradition in research and development, invests in technological progress, because innovations are at the base of competitiveness, growth and future success.

Coim is an international company, that has a winning combination of product quality, high professionalism of its human resources and innovation ability.

Coim’s target is sustainable long term growth. We know that, to be competitive in the long term, we must be open to change and we move in this way. We execute our strategies with urgency and discipline because the customer is the core of our activity. At Coim we consider the customer’s interest as our own, making every effort to reach the right target at the right time. We know that the best results come from collaboration, and in this way we are proud to help you improve your business and to grow in a global economy.

Coim has more than 1000 professionally developed specialities and performance materials for customers in over 100 countries. At the foundation of a sound business practice are moral and ethical standards. We honour these core values and operate with the highest integrity. Our corporate culture emphasizes full involvement of management and employees at all levels. We see every employee as an important part of our business and as a member of the Coim family.

Coim Group focuses all its effort on a clear purpose: work to create, through our products, optimal conditions for better living.