Manufacturing, quality and efficiency

The state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the complex manufacturing processes, and the rigorous standards and procedures enable COIM to guarantee quality, consistency and outstanding services to all its customers.

The ongoing quest for further development and the continuous investment in optimisation of the manufacturing processes ensure that the range of products is of the highest quality standard.

The operators’ expertise is constantly refreshed and updated through information and training programs.

The impact on the environment is minimized and any possible threat is addressed by specific research processes.

The integrated structure of the various operations (manufacturing, laboratories, logistic and sales) ensures the distribution of products on time and in full as well as the provision of after sale assistance.

The result of these continued efforts is not only the provision of high quality products and services, the company’s very own mission statement, but also a highly efficient system that makes it possible to minimize costs and maximise competitiveness in the reference market.