Safety and Environment

                          ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY


With the aim of protecting the environment and pursuing the objective of continual improvement of its environmental performance, the COIM S.p.A. plant at Offanengo (Cremona, Italy) intends to conduct its activities in accordance with the following principles:


·     cooperation between all staff and encouragement of active contribution of employees and third parties;

·     maximum commitment to preventing pollution;

·     responsiveness to internal and external stakeholders;

·     focus on people and the sharing of experience and knowledge.


COIM S.p.A. is therefore committed to pursuing the following objectives:


1.     Assurance, through its organisational structure, that the relevant regulations and other, voluntary agreements signed are adopted, distributed, applied and complied with under a proactive approach by all the plant's staff;

2.     Identification of environmental factors and assessment of the significance of the correlated impacts, including of new processes, issuing suitable improvement plans for:


·       reduction of emissions into the surrounding environment,

·       protection of the soil, ground and groundwaters from pollution,

·       minimisation of the quantity of waste produced, by optimising its management, encouraging recycling and reuse wherever possible,

·       prevention of pollution in wastewater discharges,

·       the recovery of raw materials and natural resources,

·       energy saving.


The identification and assessment of environmental factors is also intended to verify the proper maintenance of this Policy, to ensure its continued suitability to the context in which Coim operates and the type and scale of its environmental impacts;

3.     Monitoring of its activities to check the status and achievement of its environmental objectives;

4.     Adoption of state-of-the-art environmental protection prevention and efficiency criteria, in order to pursue the continual improvement of its performances by promoting the best economically sustainable technologies available and business best practices;

5.     Engagement and involvement of all employees and associates in environmental protection, by pursuing the constant improvement of every individual's professional skills and sense of responsibility, also through appropriate education, information and training;

6.     Extension of the use of tools such as operating procedures and technical standards for the correct management of activities, with criteria based on environmental protection;

7.     Development and maintenance of an Environmental Management System under the ISO 14001 international standard, as well as the model of governance under Italian Law no. 231, monitoring their correct implementation through a systematic Audit process;

8.     Communication with staff, associates and external stakeholders (such as Government Bodies and the Local Community) to build a climate of mutual trust and cooperation;

9.     Requirement of contractors who operate on the plant to apply environmental standards in line with those adopted by the organisation, so that they contribute to the achievement of improvement objectives;

10.  Cooperation with local institutions, representative bodies and any other external stakeholder to resolve specific environmental problems and to promote and improve the company's relationship with the surrounding area.


The Management believes that the success of this Policy, a guarantee of continuity and growth, can only be achieved through the complete commitment of all those involved; all staff working at the Plant are therefore called upon to comply with the spirit and the letter of this Policy, which applies to all activities related to the Organisation.





Offanengo (Cremona) Plant,                                                                   The Employer

30 May 2016                                                                                        Massimo Tonani