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Chemical products
EXTER S - Structural resins

EXTER S is the family name for COIM's wide range of unsaturated polyester resins for composites industry.

Composites and cast polymer products have one special feature; the material; a combination of matrix resin, reinforcement and fillers, which are all mixed during the manufacture of the finished product.

 ln addition to the base resin, many specific variations are available to meet all the technical requirements in terms of reactivity, viscosity, thixotropy and monomer emission.

Flexibility within the Research and Development team, enables Coim to offer bespoke products designed to meet specific end-user requirements. Duality is a key priority of COIM. All the EXTER S resins are produced in accordance with the Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000.

The chemical nature of our EXTER S resins are characterised as follows:

  • Orthophthalic based resins are clearly recognizable by the start number 1
  • lsophthalic based resins are clearly recognizable by the start number 4
  • Neopentilic based resins are clearly recognizable by the start number 5
  • Fire retardant based resins are clearly recognizable by start number 7
  • Iso-neopentilic based resins are clearly recognizable by the start number 8
  • Bisphenolic based resins are clearly start 888
  • Flexible and for coloured pastes resins are clearly recognizable by the start number 9.


Laminating resins

For more conventional Hand lay-up and Spray-up processes and for continuous laminating systems, COIM has a wide range of EXTER S resins based on Ortho, Iso, Iso-Ortho and flame retardant chemistries.

RTM resins

Resin transfer moulding (RTM) is a common manufacturing process. Typical applications include spoilers and exterior panels for trucks, top sleepers, window components and utility vehicle body components. COIM EXTER S resins are suitable for all these manufactures.

SMC and BMC resins

Structural parts, car and truck body panels and components for headlamps have been applications made with SMC/BMC processing techniques. COIM offers a range of resins Otho, Iso and Maleic specially developed for these technologies.

Casting resins

Used in applications like cultured marble these types of resins offer predictable shrinkage and flexible manufacturing performance. COIM offers a wide range of conventional Otho based resins with possible suggested blends to modified performances.

Pultruded profiles

COIM offers a wide range of highly reactive resins for based on Ortho, Iso, Iso-NPG and Maleic for elevated temperature manufacturing like pultrusion.

Pipes vessel and tanks

These types of products are made with different manufacturing techniques like filament winding, centrifugal casting and pultrusion. EXTER S Ortho, Iso, lso-NPG and Bisphenolic resins are available depending on specific substances and on environmental conditions of exposure.

Solid surface resins

For sanitary components and kitchen work surfaces where both aesthetics and surface renewability are required; COIM has a range of resins EXTER S for hygienic and durable surfaces.

Resins for coloured pastes

These type of resins are specifically designed as grinding vehicles for the production of coloured pastes. All these resins are styrene free with different grades of viscosity to allow different grades of fillers.

 Gel coats

Coim offers a wide range of resins for the formulation of gel coat for all the types of applications starting from marine up to sanitary. Due to these different fields of application COIM offers a wide range of resins based on Ortho, Iso, Iso—NPG.