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Chemical products
UREXTER - Prepolymers and polyols for microcellular polyurethane systems

Polyurethane systems, ester based, generally bicomponents: EXTER is the trade name for polyol; URECOM for isocyanic part:



The main use is the production of the footwear soles, but they are used also to produce technical articles such as tyres for trolleys or bicycle and wheelchair wheels, parts for the automotive industry, shock absorbers, gaskets, etc..

In comparison to other materials, especially those related to production of soles, the advantages are:

  • high versatility
  • high productivity
  • limited costs of the production moulds
  • excellent resistance to abrasion and to wearing
  • excellent mechanical characteristics such as the load bearing, elongation, ultimate tensile strength, tear strength
  • excellent cold mechanical properties, in particular the resistance at breaking under flexural stresses
  • good resistance to hydrolysis, allowing the use in highly humid climates
  • good resistance to bacterial attack in case of hot-humid climates or in the presence of perspiration
  • good biodegradability of the manufactured article at the end of the period of use
  • total recycling of the product
  • excellent reproduction of the mould designes
  • good adhesion with other materials
  • good surface for painting
  • good ratio weight/properties.

C.O.I.M. has the complete range of ester based systems for footwear and can develop taylor made products.

In particular it has:

  • indoor soles systems (slippers): characterized by their lightness and load bearing
  • medium performance systems, such as soles for women's shoes and men's summer shoes: articles in which density, load bearing, mechanical characteristics and flexural strength, from ambient temperature up to medium low temperatures, are present at the same time
  • high performance systems, for closed winter shoes for men, characterized by excellent flexural strength even at very low temperatures and/or high resistance to hydrolysis, keeping at the same time good load bearing and acceptable density
  • bidensity safety soles systems, having very good balance of the characteristics previously mentioned and having also good resistance to oils, solvents and hydrocarbons. Moreover the material is produced with antistatic characteristics (for avoiding the accumulation of electrostatic charges).
  • mono - bidensity soles systems for sport activities.

In particular they have excellent grip, resistance to wear, are lightweight with excellent elasticity.