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Chemical products
ISOTER - Propoxylated polyether polyols for polyurethanes

lsoter products are polyether polyols used in the formulations of systems for PU rigid foam production.

The wide range of grades available allows the selection of the more appropriate type according to the blowing agents used in the system and the final foam properties desired. Isoter have been obtained by designing molecular weights and functionalities in order to satisfy the need of the specific application in terms of process and system performance. The relative foams show very good physical-mechanical properties mainly as far as dimensional stability and adhesion are concerned.

lsoter are very compatible vs. lsoexter therefore it is possible to formulate systems combining the best properties of the two products families.

In the lsoter family there are self-reactive grades recommended as co-polyol in order to obtain the desired reaction profile and curing of the system in the various conditions of application.

On customers request, Coim can study and supply taylor-made grades in order to satisfy specific needs.

Product Fn OH value
(mg KOH/gr)
Vx at 25°C
Product description MSDS
ISO806SA 5,4  350  4000  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO807SA 5,2  460  11000  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO800SA 4,6  490  8000  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO804SA 4,6  440  5500  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO805SA 4,6  420  4300  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO802SA 4,6  400  3300  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO808SA 4,6  370  2700  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO801SA 4,6  300  1400  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO810SA 4,0  500  3300  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO809SA 4,0  450  2600  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO803SA 3,0  400  500  Propoxylated Sorbitol based polyether   
ISO843G 3,0  660  900  Propoxylated Glycerol based polyether   
ISO840G 3,0  540  650  Propoxylated Glycerol based polyether   
ISO845G 3,0  380  370  Propoxylated Glycerol based polyether   
ISO841G 3,0  240  280  Propoxylated Glycerol based polyether   
ISO842G 3,0  160  250  Propoxylated Glycerol based polyether   
ISO861T 3,0  550  1700  Propoxylated Trimethylolpropane based polyether   
ISO860T 3,0  385  600  Propoxylated Trimethylolpropane based polyether   
ISO862T 3,0  230  350  Propoxylated Trimethylolpropane based polyether   
ISO820E 4,0  640  21500  Propoxylated Ethylenediamine based polyether   
ISO821E 4,0  450  4500  Propoxylated Ethylenediamine based polyether   

Note 1:All Isoter grades can be used in PUR or PIR systems as sole polyol or in blend among them and/or Isoexter grades according to the requested system performance.

Note 2: ISO820E and ISO821E are recommended particularly in water based systems for spray applications.